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Product Reviews

Below are reviews of product that we have personally tried.  Some are great, other are okay and some we don't recommend.  These are unbiased opinions and at no time are we paid to endorse a product.

We are happy to review any products out there.  We will give an unbiased, honest opinion.  While companies may contact us to review their products, we will not take any monetary compensation to do the review.

Suppliers, if you would like us to review your product, please contact us at   [email protected]

Consumers, if there is a product you would like us to review, you may also contact us at [email protected]
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  1. Bam Bam Broth
    YES!! I love this broth. If you want homemade bone broth without having to make it yourself, this is the product for you. It's flavorful, delicious and gels nicely in the fridge. Drink it on it's own or uses it as a base in your cooking.
  2. Splendid Spoon
    YES!! This soup company makes small batch, healthy vegan soups which are delivered to your door. They taste amazing, and are incredibly healthy . They travel well and freeze well. Really good soup.
  3. Nourished by Nature
    YES!! This company makes small batch, cold pressed juices that are delicious. They use the right balance of ingredients to make yummy juice combinations. Because it is freshly made, the shelf life is limited. They also make nut milks.
  4. Fine Health Kombucha
    YES!! Kombucha lovers rejoice! This freshly made kombucha has a deliciously tangy flavor that will please your belly. For the real booch fans, there is a scoby in each bottle. This kombucha is a real treat for anyone with digestive issues.