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Spotlight On:

Jungle Fitness Personal Training

739 Park Ave (Business Route 33),  Freehold,  NJ  07728​                                (732) 513-2866

Jungle Fitness Personal Training is our first Spotlight On business.  You may recognize Jungle Fitness as the workout component of our challenges.  Located in Freehold, NJ, Jungle Fitness is the brainchild of fitness expert George Catuogno.  George has multiple fitness certifications including certification as a corrective exercise specialist.  What makes Jungle Fitness so special?  In a word.  George.

I came to Jungle Fitness broken down and ready to give up.  I've been lifting for years, but was not seeing results.  And I sustained injury after injury.  I truly was ready to throw in the towel and try to adjust to life as an out of shape middle aged woman.  Enter George.

From day 1 George has been at my side encouraging me , pushing me, fixing my form and occassionally telling me some hard truths about myself.  He is a genuine person and is passionate about health and fitness.  His energy is infectious and he pushes me every day to be the best I can be.

My workouts are intense and varied.  I haven't done the same workout twice in the 6 months I've been at Jungle Fitness.  And if I come in with any type of ache or pain, George changes my workout at that moment, so I don't end up hurting worse.

George has also fixed my weightlifting form.  As a result, I am lifting heavier than I ever have, without injuring myself.  A win win for me!

My workouts are  mix of strength training, cardio, crossfit, HIIT and bootcamp style workouts.  This mix is important because 1. I don't get bored and 2. my body is constantly challenged to do something different.

The motto at Jungle Fitness is #wheremovementmeetsmuscle.  George believes is functional workouts that strengthen you to perform your everyday and not so everyday activities.  If you fall down a cliff, can you pull yourself back up?  If you got hit by a car, could you drag yourself to the side of the road?

So get ready to tear down the obstacles of your mind and body.  Growth comes with change and challenge.   Jungle Fitness will tear down your obstacles and force you to grow.  Each client receives the individualized attention needed to see results through personalized fitness.   So start your journey today!

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