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​​ Habits, routines, behaviors, all combined transform us into what we become.  We develop behaviors early on in childhood through our surroundings, family members, our parents behaviors, and our culture.  As we develop into adults, we form new habits and behaviors.

Often, habits will continue, until we consciously choose to change them.  Becoming aware of your daily habits and behaviors, is the beginning of change. In todays society, our lives are so busy, we often forget to actually think.  Think about how, what and why we do what we do. We run on autopilot.  So our habits continue. Habits that may not be healthy for us.

There is so much information on habits that its a little overwhelming. I can see why people can not even start to make a change!

What studies have shown, is that it takes approximately 30- 60 days of consistency to change a habit.  It is recommended that a person starts small. Don't make the habit out to be more than it is.  Try one habit at a time. 

Maybe the first habit would be, how and when you get out of bed in the morning.  When it's time to get up out of bed is it difficult for you? Do you dread it every morning?  Try to set your alarm clock for the same time every day.  When the alarm goes off, tell yourself that today is a new day. Be present in that moment. Be thankful for this day. Remember, we are not promised the next day. 


Here are a few steps to develop positive habits.​​

  • ​Start small. Don't set yourself up for failure. 
  • Choose a simple habit that won't feel overwhelming. ​
  • Every morning when you wake up, take the first 10 minutes of your morning and be thankful. 
  • Be in the moment. Don't let your mind wonder.
  • Keep a journal beside your bed.  Note your thoughts and your progress.
  • Once you are able to consistently complete this habit, add another simple habit to your morning routine.
  • Starting your day off in this positive mindset will be  your daily reward!