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Researching many successful individuals, I have found one important trait that they all have in common, and that is their ability to focus.  They are able to place their energy on the outcome that they are looking for and focus until that outcome is acheived. How are they able to do it?

These people are no different from you and I.  They don't have some special powers or more intelligence than others. They have developed the skills to guard the door of their minds.  They have trained themselves to only let in what they want to, and to discard the useless information surrounding them that is not necessary for their purpose.  It's surprising how much information you listen to and read that can be distracting;  social media, the news, and television to name a few.  Often, what we hear from these outlets is what forms our thoughts.  "Guard the door of your mind," as Jim Rohn would say.  

Most people do not realize they have this power to focus. They use it often, but on unnecessary things. For example, have you ever noticed that when you are in the market for, say a new car.  You research the vehicle for days on end.  You talk about the car with excitement to anyone who will listen!  Then, every where you go you see that car! They are everywhere!  How is this?  All of a sudden everyone owns one of those cars!

"Energy flows where focus goes!"

Well, thats the power of focus. You didn't draw them to you. Those cars were already there, you just now choose to focus on them. You used a particular part of your brain called the reticular activating system (RAS) to draw your attention to that particular car. They were always there.  You just now see them!  Pretty amazing, the brain! 

So, when you choose to focus on negative ideas, then your mind brings your focus only to negative ideas. You see them everywhere!  Many studies have found that two indiviuals could have the same diagnosis. One chooses to constantly focus on the problem and continues to be sick, while the other chooses to not focus on the disease but to live life, and can actually help in the healing process.


Add focus to your daily habits in the mornings.

  •  Take 5 minutes to focus on what kind of life you  want.
  •  How do you want to live, and why you want it?
  •  Write it down or picture it in your mind. 

Wanting things mean nothing unless you have a good enough reason why you want it!  If you have a good enough reason why, then that can set things in motion to move you forward, and motivate you.

Imagine what you can accomplish, if you learn to FOCUS!