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Your Health.  Your Journey.  Your Choice.

Choose You.

Crossroads and choices
What do you do when you reach a crossroad?  Do you follow the path of least resistance?  Or do you take the road less travelled?  Sometimes, the hidden path can open your mind to new and exciting ideas.  At Crossroads in Health we want to take you down a healing path, a pathway to health.

The American lifestyle promotes "unhealth".  The daily 'rat race" leaves people stressed, tired and dissatisfied.  The Standard American Diet (SAD) is a poor source of fuel for the body.  It's ironic that the acronym is SAD.  You WILL be sad if you eat this way.  Consuming large amounts of processed foods and transfats leads to heart disease, diabetes, autoimmune disease and a multitude of other health issues.  SAD causes widespread inflammation in your body.  That inflammation causes all sorts of health problems.   Eating clean can reverse a lot of this damage.  

Our bodies have a remarkable capacity to fix themselves.  By changing the way you eat, exercising and becoming mindful, you can change your life. "Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food."  Hippocrates

This is your health.  Your journey.  Your choice.   As you stand at your crossroads, make the choice of better health.  Take the road less travelled.  Open your mind to new ideas.  Choose YOU.  Because YOU matter.  Join us on our journey to health.

“You are free to choose, but you are not free from the consequence of your choice.”
Let's talk about food.  What it can do for you and how it heals you.
Physical Health
Our physical health is affected by many things.  Let's talk about you and your health.
We can't truely be healthy unless our minds and spirit are healthy.  Let's talk about your emotional health.
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 We are nurses who are passionate about health and making healthy choices.  Between us we have over 35 years of nursing behind us.  We want to bring our knowledge of health and disease to people like you.  Join us on our journey to health.

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